After going past my due date a couple of days my OB decided she wanted to induce me due to high blood pressure at the beginning of my pregnancy and a history of high BP on both sides of my family. Even though I was fine, baby was, fine, it was to make sure nothing happened that could create a cause for concern. I will learn after this whole experience to trust my instincts and not be pressured by “hospital protocol” because had I done that I’m sure my son would have come naturally on this own, but maybe just a little later than planned.

Let me continue by saying that it was a good thing my doula taught me earlier on to call my birth plan a birthing preference so that I would keep an open mind because anything can happen. Listening to all the birthing stories shared in my prenatal yoga class was also extremely helpful because it’s true, anything can happen. My “birthing preference” was to have a natural birth with no epidural.

On Thursday, December 19 I was admitted to the hospital at 5 pm to begin what would be my first round of cervidil and start the induction. I was admitted at 1 cm dilated, 50-60% effaced, which I had been for several weeks. After 12 hours of cervidil I was checked and no progress was made, so it was decided to try another round of cervidil and again was checked after another 12 hours and no progress. So after 24 hours of cervidil it was decided to start pitocin at 5 am on Saturday, Dec 21 and had my water broken about 11 am that day. I labored for 12 hours without an epidural and finally after exhaustion set in I asked for an epidural. I labored for another 6 hours with the epidural and was able to sleep a little, but only progressed to 4 cm and never any further. The OB on call from my doctor’s office called me at about 11 pm since she had been monitoring me all day. She was very sweet and super supportive of me wanting a natural birth; however, after laboring for 18 hours on pitocin and the dosage being maxed out there was a possibility of distressing the baby, fever, and other additional risks. She said if I wanted to she would continue to let me labor on my own through the night, but wanted me to have all the information I needed to make my decision. After talking everything over with my husband, doula, and mom we decided to move ahead with the c section since I was exhausted and wanted what was best for the baby. My son was born sunny side up weighing 8.2 lbs, 19 1/2 inches long.

After watching the Business of Being Born, reading books by Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth, and every other resource for a natural birth, it’s surprising I went the route I went. However, this was my first time having a baby, and even those with the steeliest resolve get nervous and question themselves. However, the support team of my incredible husband (who was there for me every step of the way), my loving mom, and my doula (who I highly recommend and is a great source of love, support, and knowledge) were the ones who helped me bring this amazing life into the world. My yoga practice helped me prepare for this amazing adventure called labor and allowed me to work as long as I did. I have no regrets about how things went, just more knowledge and power for the next time. Most importantly, I have an amazing son whose shown me love like I’ve never known before!

P.S. Trust yourself and your instincts, you’ll know what’s right. Also apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of pure maple syrup helps with acid reflux, alfalfa leaf for swelling, and yoga along with regular visits to the chiropractor and prenatal massages to keep things moving in the right direction 🙂


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