Kirstin Monster Shoes-1         I am modern day crunchy/hippy mama, a proud mother of a little boy and wife to an amazing husband. I’ve started this website (blog) as a way to share my experiences of when I was pregnant, gave birth, and now raising our family in a more holistic, organic, and chemical free lifestyle. My life changed the day I found out I was pregnant, and as I’ve evolved in my understanding of pregnancy, birth, and life, I’ve found myself evaluating what’s important to me, how to have a happier healthier family, and how I can do it myself.

This self-exploration and evolvement all started thanks to my time spent at Yoga Fairy, my prenatal yoga class. The amazing women I met in this class, and the information shared, led me to me finding my amazing doula, and all of this was pivotal in shaping my understanding of what I was going through.

As I develop my “hippy/crunchy” side, I will share my new found knowledge, products, and skills. I hope to entertain and share new information with you too and that you’ll enjoy it too!

Peace, love, and hippiness!


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